Complete Package Details:

Q. Do you offer consultations?

A. Yes! Call 925-817-9642 for a Free Phone Consultation.

Q. Is there a minimum/maximum time frame that you work?

A. All sessions are 5.5 hours, which includes a 30 minute lunch break. 5 hour sessions allows for accomplishing more, in less days.

Q. What are your Packages?

A. There are 3 All-Inclusive Packages to choose from, which include: sorting, purging, organizing, packing, unpacking, coaching, consulting, light cleaning, decorating, furniture rearrangement for optimal space-flow, donation and recycling haul-away services after every session, and a top-notch referral service for local pros to complete your to-do lists! 

5 Day Package
(Apartments, Small Businesses)

$2375                  save $125

10 Day Package
(Avg American Home)

 $4500                  save $500

13 Day Package
(Large Home, Above-Average Clutter, Extra Services like Memorabilia Organizing)

 $5525                  save $975

Adding On Sessions & Upgrading

1) Clients can upgrade to the next package at any time.

2) Clients can add an additional session at the rate of their purchased package. ie: For the 10 session package, the add-on session would be a total of $449.

3) If a client is wanting to add on to the 13 Session Package, there is a special discounted price of only $375/session!

4) Clients can upgrade/add-on as much as they want.

5) Clients have a year to use their sessions from the date of purchase/add-on/upgrade.

Q. How does payment work?

A. Payment for services is prepaid in-full via Credit or Debit Card. There are no refunds to ensure commitment by the client to follow-through on the organizing process. If the job is completed before all the sessions are used, clients can use the remaining sessions at a further date (ie: before holiday guests arrive, when paper clutter has piled up again, the kids' room is a disaster, etc). Clients can also gift or donate their remaining sessions. Clients have 1 year from purchase date to use their remaining sessions. Transfers are included in the 1 year expiration date.

Q. How does scheduling work?

A. Sessions are 9:30-3pm Tues/Wed/Th/Sat/Sun, closed Mondays and Fridays. Donation Drop-Off 3-3:30. Calls are returned 3:30-5pm. It is highly recommended to do the first two days back-to-back or as close together as possible, then one session a week thereafter. Kiera assigns bite-sized homework in-between sessions to help speed up the process and boost the client's motivation.

Q. What is your cancellation policy? 

Note from the Owner: "This is an easy situation where people like to cancel sessions, and I certainly sympathize. Unfortunately, if too many appointments are changed or cancelled, my own schedule becomes unmanageable, and another client is unable to schedule on such short notice. Therefore, cancellations must be made 48+ hours in advance of our appointment. Please note that the business is closed on Mondays and Fridays and All Major Holidays, and the 48 hours do not start counting till the start of the next office day. Cancellations less than 2 business days in advance forfeit that session from their package. A total of 3 cancellations forfeits the entire package with no refunds. And if a client ends a session early for whatever reason, the entire 5 hour day is still counted."

Q: Why do Organizers charge the way they do? 

A: Many people mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to come in and "clean up" for them, and that it should cost about the same amount as a cleaning service or housekeeper. But it is much more involved than that. You are paying for an organizer's knowledge, their ability to get inside your head, understand how you function, and develop a system that will work best for you, long-term. And you pay more for an experienced organizer who can work through to the root CAUSE of your disorganization and implement these systems faster. So you can actually end up saving money in the long run by investing in an experienced and efficient organizer who can teach you to become self-organized.

Q. Do I have to buy anything before we start? 

A. No, please don't. Kiera is excellent at using what the client already owns to avoid buying more. Afterall, Less is More. For Office Organizing, clients typically need a special type of folder, and for closets, it is best to have all matching hangers. Clear Plastic Bins with Lids are best for storage. PLEASE DO NOT BUY BEFOREHAND. You won't know what storage solutions you need till the space has been sorted and purged. Most clients end up with a "Container Castle" of options for storage, so let Kiera recommend as needed after sorting/purging your space.