"Kiera Rain of Bay Area Professional Organizer is AMAZING! She helped my mom out and did an amazing job. She is a very sweet and understanding organizer and I will hire her again in a heartbeat if we need her services. She works all over the bay, and her prices are very reasonable."  --Bri

"There is so much to say--and all of it positive! Kiera is one of the most disarming people I've met in a very long time. My husband doesn't like people he doesn't know in the house, especially in private areas like the bedroom. I thought for sure he'd throw her out when I first hired her! But her personality and sensitivity was a winning combination to get a big job done! She is very careful with your personal possessions and makes getting rid of crap a lot easier to do when you find out she donates everything for you. Truth be told, once she got SOOO much out of here I didn't miss it. The end result is that everything was FINALLY organized and easy to maintain."  

"She doesn't drag her feet to earn more--she will come in, do her job and leave your place in much better shape than you thought possible. She's good with organizing small spaces with "storage issues" and is always a professional." --Ethan

"I used her again when I had to move and the results are just beautiful! Just a great experience for something that most folks dread doing, getting your life together!" --Joy   

"Kiera has organized our family room, home office, bedroom and garage, and has done an incredible job. She is both personable and professional, and I found her to be very efficient and driven, yet easy to be around for several hours as she helped to make our home much more pleasant and organized. I would definitely use her services again and highly recommend her if you need to get any part of your home (or garage or office!) in order. She was quick, focused, and pleasant--we got much more done in the time she worked than I would ever have thought possible. I only regret that I hadn't used her services a year ago." --Linda 

"In just one week, Kiera organized, cleaned and filed what I couldn't do in a year! I can now see the top of my desk and can find any document with ease."  --John, small business owner

"Kiera is organized, efficient and professional. She understands the core issues behind disorganization and approaches them with compassion and practical solutions. I highly recommend Bay Area Professional Organizer!" --Brigette 

"I LOVED Kiera's services and have recommended her to others. I had continued with de-cluttering after she left, part of my homework, and I managed to do the kitchen, the hall closet, and the master bath. Never did get to the paperwork. :-) But with her help, motivation and tips, I was able to get a lot accomplished on my own! I then unexpectedly moved a couple months after our sessions together. Crazily enough it didn't even seem like such a big project because of all the organizing work done with Kiera."  

"Wow--thank goodness for Kiera Rain. She helped me to get my entire home organized. Kiera helped me go through and get rid of items that I no longer needed...some were 15 years old or more! Thanks to Kiera, everything has its place--and I can easily put my hands on things that I need. It's a freeing experience to get rid of junk and items that we no longer need or use." --Susan 

"Definitely the way to go if you require an organizing service! I mean, come on, just look at the pictures--they speak volumes. Run by a woman you can trust to be in your home and do a great job. Give her a try!" --Andrew 

"Hiring Bay Area Professional Organizer was a no-brainer! Kiera Rain is reliable and one of the most efficient businesses I have worked with in a long time!" --Lisa & Lisa Jewelry

"We were in the middle of a big organizing project outside of Kiera's area and found her through a Google search. She answered all of my questions and gave me a great perspective on our ongoing project. If we lived in the Bay Area, we would have definitely hired her. I recommend her to anyone thinking about undertaking what can be a life changing experience. Thanks, Kiera!"  --Aldo

"Kiera has a real ability to anticipate her client's needs. She can see solutions where most people see chaos." --Gloria
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