Bay Area Professional Organizer

Now Accepting New Clients in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

• 20 years experience

• Open S/S/T/W/Th 9-5

• 3 All-Inclusive packages to choose from, based on size of home

• Proceeds benefit California BrainWaves, a Nonprofit for Neurodiversity

• 4.5 Star Rating on Yelp


Q. How long does it take to get organized?
A. How fast it goes depends on how much stuff there is,
how packed the boxes/closets/rooms are, how big the space is, how quickly the client makes decisions, and if the client does their homework in-between sessions.

Here are the estimates for organizing the average American space:
  • 2 Car Garage: 2 days to sort/purge, 1/2 to 1 day to organize
  • Bathroom: 1 day or less
  • Bedroom: 1-2 days to sort/purge/organize/arrange furniture/decorate
  • Clothes Closet + Dresser: 1-2 days to sort/purge/organize
  • Linen/Coat Closet: 30 mins to couple hours, depending if boxes/jam-packed
  • Junk Room: 2-3 days
  • Kitchen + Pantry: 1-3 days
  • Car: 1/2 day or less
  • Storage Unit: 2-4 sessions
  • Attic: 1-2 sessions
  • Office: 2 days to sort/purge, 1 day to set up new systems/arrange furniture/decorate
  • Electronic Organizing (small business online organizing, computer files/pictures, email accounts): 2+ days
  • Financial Organizing: 1-2 days
  • Schedule/Chore Creation: 1/2 day or less
  • Memorabilia: 2 or more days

Before and After of a Bathroom and Walk-in Closet

Complete Home Make-Over Packages

Kiera tackles every room, every nook and cranny, complete and thorough de-cluttering and organizing and decorating of the entire home--even the porch and yard! She only accepts clients who need complete home organizing. So, if you need just a closet or one room done, Kiera is not the right fit. Only messy homes shall apply!

Packages Include:

sorting, purging, organizing, packing, unpacking, coaching, consulting, light cleaning, decorating, furniture rearrangement for optimal space-flow. See complete list of services here


Sessions are 6 hours, 10am--4pm. Open weekdays and weekends. Clients start with two days back-to-back, take a few days break, with a third session later that week. Sessions are then once a week thereafter until completed. However, garages, kitchens, and super crammed rooms are best for two sessions back-to-back. Packages below are 5 days, 10 days, 15 days. Clients have one year from date of purchase to use all of their sessions.

What's your peace of mind worth?

Check with your CPA about hiring BAPO as a possible tax write-off for: 

  • Remodeling 
  • Placing home or office for sale or rent
  • Adding an ADU
  • Home office
  • Moving for college or work
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Fostering/Adopting
  • Estate organizing, Estate Sale
  • If you gift a package to a local family in need

How does payment work? 

Payment for services is prepaid in-full via electronic transfer at time of booking. Venmo preferred. Cash, Check and Bitcoin are not accepted. There are no refunds to ensure commitment by the client to follow-through on the organizing process. If the job is completed before all the sessions are used, clients can use the remaining session(s) at a further date 

(i.e.: before holiday guests arrive, when paper clutter has piled up again, the kids' room is a disaster, major life transition, etc). Clients can also gift or donate their remaining sessions. Clients have 1 year from purchase date to use their remaining sessions. Transfers are included in the 1-year expiration date. If clients forfeit their packages, for any reason, Bay Area Professional Organizer (BAPO) can donate remaining sessions at BAPO's discretion.

Clients can add-on sessions at their package tier daily rate, or they can upgrade to the next package to increase savings, as needed.