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What's your peace of mind worth?

Invest in Yourself.

Clutter to Clarity 5 Day

Choose the smallest  package if you have a condo, apartment or small business.


5 Day Package

25 hours





Peace is your Power 10 Day

Choose this complete home organizing package if you have a 3/2 house, no garage.


10 Day Package

50 hours




SAVE $500!


Freedom 15 Day

3+ bedroom house with 2 car garage? Choose the Freedom Package for a new, zen life!

15 Days Package

75 hours



SAVE $1500!


Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_50 reviews on Yelp, 4.5 Stars on Yelp
Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Man's Bedroom in San Ramon before and after
Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Pantry After Photo

Complete Home Make-Over Packages

Kiera tackles every room, every nook and cranny, complete and thorough de-cluttering and organizing and decorating of the entire home--even the porch and yard! She only accepts clients who need complete home organizing. So, if you need just a closet or one room done, Kiera is not the right fit. Only messy homes shall apply!



Packages Include:

sorting, purging, organizing, packing, unpacking, coaching, consulting, light cleaning, decorating, furniture rearrangement for optimal space-flow. See complete list of services here




Sessions are 5 hours, 10am--3:30pm, with a 30 min lunch break (I bring my own lunch). Open weekdays and weekends. Clients start with two days back-to-back, take a few days break, with a third session later that week. Sessions are then once a week thereafter until completed. However, garages, kitchens, and super crammed rooms are best for two sessions back-to-back. Clients have 6 months from date of purchase to use all of their sessions.

Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Bathroom Before Photo
Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Bathroom After Photo
Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Closet Before Photo
Bay_Area_Professional_Organizer_Kiera_Rain_Fundraiser_for_California_BrainWaves_Neurodiversity_Nonprofit_Declutter_to_Destress_BayAreaProfessionalOrganizer.com_Closet After Photo

Before & After of a Primary Bathroom + Walk-in Closet. 

How does payment work? 

Payment for services is prepaid in-full via electronic transfer at time of booking. Zelle and Venmo preferred. Cash, Check and Bitcoin are not accepted. There are no refunds to ensure commitment by the client to follow-through on the organizing process. If the job is completed before all the sessions are used, clients can use the remaining session(s) at a further date 

(i.e.: before holiday guests arrive, when paper clutter has piled up again, the kids' room is a disaster, major life transition, etc). Clients can also gift or donate their remaining sessions. Clients have 1 year from purchase date to use their remaining sessions. Transfers are included in the 1-year expiration date. If clients forfeit their packages, for any reason, Bay Area Professional Organizer (BAPO) can donate remaining sessions at BAPO's discretion.

Clients can add-on sessions at their package tier daily rate, or they can upgrade to the next package to increase savings, as needed.


Proceeds go to Charity when you hire Bay Area Professional Organizer!

Check with your CPA about hiring BAPO as a possible tax write-off for: 

  • Remodeling 
  • Placing home or office for sale or rent
  • Adding an ADU
  • Home office
  • Moving for college or work
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Fostering/Adopting
  • Estate organizing, Estate Sale
  • If you gift a package to a local family in need
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