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Now Accepting New Clients in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

• 20 years experience

• Open S/S/T/W/Th 9-5

• 3 All-Inclusive packages to choose from, based on size of home

• Proceeds benefit California BrainWaves, a Nonprofit for Neurodiversity

• 4.5 Star Rating on Yelp

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Hire a 

Professional Organizer 

if you can relate to any of the following:

  • Are you embarrassed to have people over?
  • Wasting time because you can't find things?
  • Re-buying items because you've "lost" them in the clutter, wasting money?
  • Are you having "Chores Wars" and fighting with your partner about the mess?
  • Have you lost your personal or workspace because the clutter has taken over?
  • Do you feel tense and stressed in your own environment?
  • Do you need to create a better living environment to accommodate a Loved One with Special Needs?
  • Do you struggle with figuring out how and where to start?
  • Is it hard to make decisions on your stuff?
  • Are you dreading dealing with the piles around you?
  • Have you recently changed jobs, moved, gotten married/divorced, lost a loved one, living with a disability? These life events can sink you into a whirlwind of overwhelm and chaos. 

Meet Your Professional Organizer!

Kiera Rain is a wiz at helping clients de-clutter and get organized using what they already own. She is a phenomenal coach so clients can learn to become self-organized and keep systems in place long after she's gone. And if things accidentally pile up again--that's ok; Kiera does check-up visits to get clients back on track.

Kiera grew up in a hoarder home. She started professionally organizing at age 14. Her first job was organizing management offices and two-story storage units of holiday decor at the local mall. From 2003-2009, she de-cluttered and organized big and small businesses, country clubs, hotels, warehouses, even a trucking company (so many tools and parts!) In 2009, she included complete home organizing into her business model, organizing every nook and cranny of a home, top to bottom. 

Kiera works on multi-million-dollar homes to tiny homes to RVs. 

Before and After of a Bathroom and Closet

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-COVID Vaccinated, Double Boostered, Annual Flu Shot

-Kid and Animal Lover

-No Major Allergies

-Patient, Understanding, Sincere

-Energetic with a Straight-Forward Approach

-Hard-working Perfectionist, which maximizes what you get for your dollar

-Natural at Coaching you through the process

-Supporter of LGBTQQIAAP+

-Open to all faiths, religions, backgrounds, ethnicities

-Works in tiny homes to multi-million-dollar homes

-Career-Long Experience with disabilities (mental and physical)

-Loves to check-in with clients to see how they are doing

-Cheers you on through the entire process and beyond

Pictured above and below: 

Donations bagged up and ready to go to charity after just one session!


Bay Area Professional Organizer has served Special Needs Families for over 15 years. Kiera is a single mom to a 10-year-old son with Autism and Mental Illness, and a neurotypical 7 year-old daughter. When you purchase from Bay Area Professional Organizer Co, you help stabilize a local Special Needs family. Not only that, but Kiera has organized a nonprofit startup for people of all ages/stages with brain and developmental disabilities, called California BrainWaves, Proceeds benefit the nonprofit! Join us in supporting #Neurodiversity.